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Creating Meditation Music With The Dizi



The Dizi is a Chinese transverse flute. It can be used to create beautiful meditation music. It is sometimes known as the Di and the Hengdi. This flute has many varieties including the Qudi and the Bangdi. The names for this flute are very likely to have different spelling, depending on the transliteration used to convert Chinese names. Aside from the difference in spelling and names, Dizi seems to be the most common name used in the West.

The Dizi plays a big role in Chinese instruments. It is widely named in Chinese folk music, as well as Chinese opera and orchestra. Traditionally the Dizi has also been very popular with the Chinese common people, since it is simple to make and very easy to carry.

Most of these flutes are made from bamboo, this would explain why it is commonly called by simple names, such as Chinese Bamboo flute. However, ”bamboo” is more of a classification to the Chinese like ”woodwind” is in the West. The Dizi’s made in Northern China are made from purple or violet bamboo, while in Suzhou and Hangzhou it is made with white bamboo.

Bamboo is a very common material for the Dizi, but it is possible to find this flute made from various kinds of wood, even stone. Jade Dizi’s are popular among collectors, stunned by their beauty and professional players who are looking for an instrument to match the beauty of their music.

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