Native American Flute & Relaxing Music


Ken Kordes

Ken Kordes, Native American FluteIn the early 1990’s I was gifted an F# Native American style flute.  Having been trained as a classical woodwind musician, branching into blues and jazz, I developed my unique Native American flute sound.  Over the coming years I expanded my flute collection, which includes flutes of various keys, makes, styles and tonal qualities.

In 2010, I met John “ThunderHeart” Robinson at a local drum circle gathering.  We quickly realized our joy and excitement while playing flute music together.  This led to the creation of Ancient Echoes and the ability to spread the unspoken via music as played from the heart.

Ancient Echoes creates music for relaxation, meditation, easy listening and healing.  Enjoy these gifts from our hearts to yours.

John “ThunderHeart” Robinson

John "ThunderHeart" Robinson & Didgeridoo

John Robinson also known as ”ThunderHeart” began his musical career in 2007 while attending a business seminar in British Columbia. John was introduced to the African Drum called the Djembe along with over 200 seminar participants.

At that time something awoke within me and I couldn’t get enough.

John stated, “We were separated into 3 sections and each section taught different parts to an African rhythm/song. At that time something awoke within me and I couldn’t get enough. After returning home to Colorado I started what is called “Full Moon Drumming Ceremony at Garden of the Gods” with up to 300 participants attending during warm weather. This led to learning to play the Australian aboriginal instrument the Didgeridoo and Native American Flute.

I use the gift of music in conventional and non-conventional ways. I use it for entertainment purposes at times but mainly for meditation and sound healing.

I have performed at The Fine Arts Center, Evolve Expo in Denver, Nursing/Retirement Homes, local churches and businesses and private venues as well as Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks Open Space.”

John currently plays and records with 2 groups; “Sounds from the Wood” with the cd titled “Communion” Sacred Sounds for Healing and Meditation and “Ancient Echoes” cd title’s, “First Song” and “Earth/Sea/Air”.