Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

The Native American Flute

The Native American Flute is carved from wood, making the flute’s unique sound different from any other instrument. This is the only flute in the world where the  air is blown out and re- enters the flute to make its wind-like sound. Native American flutes also differ from other flutes because they are made from various types of wood, traditionally from a cedar tree. Many people carve flutes from different woods to create sharper, more crisp and mellow sounds. For example, red cedar wood makes a very mellow sound, birch makes a sharp crisp sound and mahogany makes a mellow like sound.


This flute is a very simple instrument using only five tone holes, without any moving mechanisms to assist the player. Without the moving parts, it intensifies the relationship between the breath and sound response of the flute. You can see and hear how the player’s breath affects the pitch, tone, and dynamics, as the player’s fingers dance across the holes. Playing the Native American Flute can help you understand breath support and its connection to pitch, tone and quality.

The Flute range is typically 1.3 octaves. The special sound production mechanism (a moveable block called a “bird” or “saddle”) has some adjustable parts. On more traditional wooden flutes the bird is commonly secured to the flute body with a leather cord. Tuning and fingerings with various wooden flutes are not standard. For more information about the Native American flute and how it can benefit you through meditation music and relaxing music visit