Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

The Legend Of The Flute

A long time ago, there was a young man who became interested in a beautiful young girl. The young man was always trying to grab the young girl’s attention, but she never seemed to notice his efforts. Whenever she came near him,  he would proudly ride his horse around, but still, he failed in attracting her notice.

One day, when all the girls went down to the river to get water, he followed them. There, he dove off the rocks and swam across the river to show her that he was skilled, but still, she paid him no mind. Feeling rejected, he went into the nearby old growth forest and sat at the base of a dead cedar tree. As he sat there, thinking about the beautiful young girl, a woodpecker came and stood on a hollowed limb that was over the young man’s head. The limb had been hollowed over time from the weather.

The woodpecker started to peck holes, tapping along the length of this wood. As the woodpecker kept pecking, the limb cracked loose and fell right beside the young man. As it fell, the wind blew over the hollow piece of wood and the young man heard musical voices in it. He picked up the fallen branch and discovered that by blowing through the limb and covering the holes, he could make beautiful music to match the feelings he had in his heart.

The young man sat there, beneath the tree, playing haunting sounds through the hollow limb. The young girl could hear this music coming from the forest and it was such a beautiful sound as it captured her heart. She followed the sound of this music into the forest, where she saw the young man sitting at the base of the dead cedar playing the first flute, gifted to him by a Woodpecker. While she listened, she became entranced with his music and fell in love with him. They went off, hand in hand, to live their lives together.

And so was born the Native Flute and the tradition of young men courting the girl of his dreams by creating music from his heart by playing the flute. There is also another legend that says that once you attract a mate, you are to put the flute away and never play it in public again because if you played it again, you might attract a different mate.

There is also the legend that when the Native American flute is played it brings harmony, prosperity, peace, and love for all.

And so we play.

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