Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

It’s About Meditation Music

Meditation music is all about focusing the mind on relaxation, to be able to see and feel with clarity, to have openness for creativity, and to feel connected to your personal well being. Your preferred relaxation music can aid you in meditation.


The music that you choose is to be soothing and easy to relax by. Meditation with music also increases the reduction of stress that you accumulate in your daily life. Reducing stress and increasing calm awareness allows you to be more alert and focused in your life. In turn, your ability to reflect within is deepened.

Listening to music can be a meditation in itself, just as walking in nature or bi-cycling can be relaxing. You can take many activities and make them more satisfying by enhancing your awareness. As a meditative practice it can be very powerful. The vibrations calm you and encourage more blissful states of meditation.

Throughout the world, in many cultures, the vast majority of meditation takes place in a natural environment outdoors. A peaceful accompaniment to meditation, recordings of natural sounds, such as Native American flute, flowing water, birdsongs, ocean waves, and whale songs are often added to meditation music. Listen now at