Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

The Mystical History of the Native Flute

Native Americans spent many days hunting for the appropriate kinds of wood to carve this very special musical instrument. Following the long period of diligent carving by hand, were many more days of dedicated practice to learn how to play and thus create the beautiful sounds that could then be produced, as in no other way.


One of the uses of this breath-powered musical instrument (now called a woodwind instrument) was to assist a courting male to grab the attention of the young girl he had fallen in love with. The melodies played on these flutes were produced with gentle, breath-like sounds. This expressed the heartfelt fire in the young brave’s heart for the girl of his pick. We are told that the courting flute would eventually become a part of the brave’s family life.

Flutes were brought and played during most or all family get-togethers. To many Native Americans, the flute was and still is considered a very sacred instrument. The Native American flute is still used in ceremony. It was thought to be a way for humans to converse with the Spirit. The music of the flute is also considered to have healing properties. Today, many Native Americans play their flutes in hospitals to bring healing. Research shows that the vibrations of the Native American flute, their mystical affects, influence an ill person’s body, spirit and soul. As a result, healing music with Native American Flute has grown increasingly popular listen now at