Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

Relaxing Music With The German Flute

There were numerous places of flute making in Germany, and various types of the well known simple stem flute. For example, a Freyer flute and a Piering flute are very similar in design. With these similar looks and playing qualities, the flutes are almost identical. Both instruments were made around the same time period.


(Freyer )



 The two flutes each have eight keys with their G# key located in the lower center. Finger placement along with other dimensions are almost identical. The Piering is later than the Freyer, this can be determined by the shape of the keys. The Piering is slightly brighter and louder in tone. The keys on the Piering have a more modern style to them making it smoother and less ornate. Each instrument has a sound of its own.

Relaxing music can be created with any instrument you have in mind. Sitting back in a chair and turning on some relaxing music is a gift for yourself.

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