Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

Reduce Stress with Native American Flute Music

Native American Flute music can reduce stress, relax the body and balance your emotions. The faster the music you are listening to, the more you will start to feel alert able to concentrate. The fast and upbeat music makes you feel more positive and optimistic about your life. Slower music and lower tones quiets your mind and relaxes your body and muscles. As a result, you feel soothed and more capable of releasing the stress built up from the day. The music of the Native American Flute is also good for kicking back and relaxing, assisting you to manage your stress.

Ken Kordes, Native American Flute

Countless hours of research confirms these personal experiences with Native American Flute music. Many current break-throughs indicate that music around sixty beats per minute can allow the brain to act in accordance with the beat, causing alpha brainwaves (frequencies eight to fourteen hertz or cycles per second) to fire. Alpha brainwaves are present when we are conscious and soothingly relaxed. To promote sleep (a delta brainwave of five hertz), you may need to be in a relaxed position and listening to calming music for up to forty-five minutes. Music has the power to change the mind with the same potency as medication and is easily accessible to most everyone. For a very easy-to-use stress-reliever tool, listen to the Native American Flute at Ancient Echoes LLC.