Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

Music Therapy

Native American flute music can be relaxing and calm while loud, unpleasant and pumped music can have an antagonizing and stressful influence! With this in mind, the research community has asked, can the right music, played at the perfect volume, human wellbeing? Can music calm the nerves and better the quality of life? According to recent studies the answer is yes!


What is music therapy?
Music therapy uses music or sound to enhance the outcome of, or give comfort to, patients. This type of therapy can be given to individuals or groups, and might involve playing music, writing music, creating or discussing lyrics and just listening to music. Sessions can involve movement and dance. Various musical therapies are also conducted at the bedside, even during surgery, while a patient is under anesthesia.

How will music therapy help me?
A variety of studies have shown that music therapy can lower blood pressure, improve sleep and even reduce anxiety. Many cancer patients who receive music therapy along with chemotherapy report less nausea, pain and anxiety during the phases of treatment. Stroke patients have reported an increase in self-motivation, better attitudes and improvement in their recovery.

What music should I be listening to?
The type of music used varies between different people. Everyone has a particular taste and style. What will help you may not benefit others in the same way. Some good choices for music therapy might be  Native American flute music. The flute’s tones create very relaxing music. Another option is classical music.

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