Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

Meditation Music Of A Different Culture

All Flutes hold a special place among musical instruments. It’s not only the oldest instrument, but it is also played in cultures across the world. The oldest one is said to date back at least 35,000 years. These are one of the best instruments used to create meditation music.


There are many cultures that use flutes, one being India. The Indian flute is traditionally made from bamboo and independently developed from its western counterpart. Mostly found and used in folk music, the Indian Classical flute was crafted into a classical musical instrument by the legendary flutist Pannalal Ghosh. He developed the tiny folk instrument into a bamboo flute (32 inches long with seven finger holes) great for playing traditional Indian classical music.

The western concert flute was developed from the 19th century German flutes. This particular model was made from a variety of materials including wood, nickel, brass, silver, gold and sometimes even platinum. This is one of the highest common orchestral instruments, with the exception of the piccolo which plays an octave higher.

The Chinese and Japanese flute is another glorious instrument. There are various types of Chinese models or dizi. They come in all different sizes, many different structures, with a number of holes (from 6 to 11) and intonations (different keys). The most noticed of Chinese instruments are the bangd, quid, xindi, and dadi, the more known flute being the vertically played bamboo model called the xiao. Chinese flutes are mostly made of bamboo, wood, jade, bone, and iron.

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