Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

The Unwritten History of The Native American Flute

Since there was a lack of written language, the history of our Native American flute is not very clear. In pre-Columbian times, Native people preserved their history through stories that were passed down for generations. These stories told of how the their people came to be who they are, and how they made it to their settling place. Many tribes told these stories through songs.


There are various stories about how the flute was created, discovered or given to the Native people. A very common story tells of a woodpecker, a hollow branch and the wind. Many other stories revolve around a young brave wanting to attract the attention of a fair maiden.

The Hopi people have long organized a group called a flute society. The flute is used by this group for healing and ceremonial purposes. It can only be assumed that other tribes had similar uses for the flute. These traditions usually confine the use of the flute to men, something that has changed in these modern times.

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