Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

The Humpback Whale song

The Humpback Whale song is breathtakingly beautiful. Since 1971, we have began to understand and learn about their songs. Whales use singing as a navigational tool to find their way across the big blue waters during migration. Males sing to attract females and whales sing in their feeding season during the summer. They repeat long and short sounds multiple times creating a long song that can last up to thirty minutes. Their songs range from low bellows to high-pitched squeals. All male and female whales can sing, but only the males can sing organized songs.


Some say the Humpback Whale song can heal, by providing a way to connect with your consciousness. Notice how the song is calming and unique; you can release yourself into the song and relax. The Whale songs are great to use for meditation music. You can lose yourself in the sound of the beautiful Humpback whale.

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