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First Song Featuring Native American Flute music performed by John “ThunderHeart” Robinson and Ken Kordes. Soothing songs for the soul, this CD will┬áput you in a deep state of relaxation and calmness as you enjoy the sounds of the Native American Flute.

The inspiration for this album began at a large drum circle in Colorado, USA, where John “ThunderHeart” began playing his flute. John was approached by Ken Kordes, an accomplished musician, and asked if he could play along with one of his flutes. John and Ken began to weave a magical blend of their two styles that was so powerful and peaceful the drumming slowly faded to silence as all the participants were transported to a state of bliss. This was the beginning of a musical partnership which created the duo called Ancient Echoes llc and their 1st CD called “First Song” All the music contained on this cd was improvisational recordings made in one take and inspired from their hearts!

1: Alone
2: Early Morning
3: First Morning Light
4: Forest Afternoon
5: Quiet Time
6: Singing with birds
7: Sun Set Over The Desert
8: The Storm
9: A Prayer for Rain
10: A Soft Rain
11: A Song for Kelia
12: A Walk Home


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