Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

Overtone Flutes Make Great Meditaion Music



The overtone flute is a type of flute designed to play the upper harmonics, usually above two or three harmonics. That being the most practical limits of woodwind instruments. Overtone flute tubes have a relatively long resonating chamber, this encourages the instrument to resonate with higher harmonics. This makes the instruments more difficult to play, or very quiet when trying to play in the first harmonic.

Some examples of an overtone flute are:

Kalyuka- The Russian and Ukrainian flute
Tylynka- The Ukrainian/Hutsul and Romanian flute
Willow flute- The Scandinavian flute
Fujara- The Slovakian flute
Koncovka- Another Slovakian flute

These instruments all have the same thing in common, they are all overtone flutes. They play in higher harmonics compared to others. They are often used to create beautifully toned music used for mediation or relaxing.


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