Native American Flute & Relaxing Music

Meditation Music With The Irish Flute


The Irish flute is a very simple system, transverse flute that plays diatonic (Major) scale as the tone holes are successfully covered and uncovered. Many flutes from the classic era, and some of the modern day flutes include metal keys and other tone holes to achieve complete and partial chromatic tonality. Do to this flutes wooden construction, direct key less fingering, the simple system flute has a distinctly different timbre from the Western concert flute. Most Irish flute players strive for a dark and reedy tone. Even though the flute is commonly played in the key of D, simple system flutes are always available pitched in other keys.

They are often heard in Irish music pitched in E flat, C flat and B. This is a non transposing instrument, if you cover C, a concert-like pitch is played. This flute has six main holes. All wooden flutes have a cylindrical bore in the head and a conical bore in their body. The bore is commonly largest at the heads end, and tapers down to a smaller bore at the foot. This gives the effect of shortening the flute for a given pitch. This is a great flute for any player that takes an interest. Flute music is a beautiful and harmonious thing.


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