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Is Meditation Music A Good Idea?

Meditating is getting bigger and bigger, people now understand the benefits and are joining in! The newest thing to do while meditating is listening to music. I bet your wondering, “Why music?” Well a very interesting fact is that sound is easily absorbed by your mind. So when you play a calm toned sound while meditating, your mind absorbs it and creates a picture of the same calmness. This helps our mind focus on the music rather then something else.


Any music is suitable for meditating, but it is up to you to choose the proper music for your session. The music will help determine your mindset. If you are truly interested in working your mind through meditation you should choose your music carefully. This means you must train yourself mindfully, and learn to to feel the vibration of the music carrying you. Each song has something new to offer, and will take your mind to a new place. This will deepen your experience and send you down the road to healing.

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